Primary Academic

Language Skills and Character Building

- Future Rise paves the road for our students to gain language skills to improve their English language.

- In character building, we implant ethics and morals needed for leading a proper civilized life.

- Students will obtain presentation and debate skills to lead objective arguments.

We go hand in hand to invest in our students. -



Primary Academic

Oxford Discover

        It helps the students to gain a lot of new vocabulary

 words that helps them to communicate.

It enables them to improve their writing skills through 

various ways of writings (email- letter from-

 narrative essay – argumentative and pictorial for lower grades ).

         Furthermore, we work on developing presentation skills through different projects .

We also encourage the students to read variety of novels. This develops awareness

 of character development , moral lessons and themes.

Some of these novels can be also acted on stage through drama and English clubs.

Primary Academic
(Other Languages (French and German:
              We teach French & German starting from KG 2 beside the English language in which we use several creative methods of teaching as colour pictures, stories, songs and audio CDs to attract the attention and make it easy to learn and love the language.
Primary Academic
    We also give extra attention to the importance of the correct pronunciation from the beginning 
 By Grade 4, the students will be given their free will to choose between both languages to continue the learning proce


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